When The Gods Were Half Human

(4 Reviews)

An exploration of pain, love and personal transformation which delves—poignant and irreverent—into questions of being and transcendence that blur the line between sacred and mundane. Viscerally poetic and as personal as it is universal, these selected works represent an invitation to feel our humanity more deeply, to remember our innocence, to reclaim our pain and to peer beneath the surface of life’s still waters running deep.

4 reviews for When The Gods Were Half Human

  1. Katie Kapugi

    This poetry is beautiful–something akin to the writings of Mary Oliver, David Whyte, and John O’Donohue—it has a modern and narrative arc spoken through the unique voice and point of view of this writer. The words in this book are deeply philosophical and spiritual, and are sure to resonant with more than a few readers. This author appears to be entering the scene of writers at just the right point in time, illuminating the zeitgeist of evolving human consciousness—and begging questions we should all be asking ourselves. There is an exquisite and raw humanity that speaks through the pages and commands our attention. Well worth a read.

  2. Annika (verified owner)

    Wow, what a beautiful poetry book… it is whimsical, heart wrenching, celebratory, and deeply intelligent all wrapped into one little package. Not many poetry books can hold my attention like this one does, I think the author can hold his own amongst the greats!

  3. Howard Cohen

    Kaelum’s book of poems is a wonderful read! I specifically loved “Eating Oatmeal”! I could see the world going on around the globe as one cooks their pot of oatmeal. So many poems to hit your heart and brain. A great read on a rainy day or before bedtime.

    I have given this book as presents and everyone who reads it has high praise.

  4. Jennifer

    Fell in love with Kaelum’s poetry when I didn’t even think I liked poetry. It’s that good. It’s not just poetry, it’s sitting down to have your mind expanded.

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