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I wanted a way to build relationships with the beautiful souls who resonate with my work, and facilitate community around shared values and personal growth…but I didn’t want to use Facebook or any other mainstream social media platform that’s monetizing our attention, rife with dissent and distraction. I wanted to create an online space safe enough to foster authenticity and vulnerability, real human connection. To that end I created a Mighty Networks community- The KG Collective- to do just that. This is a space where we can interact, share what these poems mean to you, you ask me questions and more! There's a lot of potential in how this community can grow and evolve. I would love for you to be a part of it!

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As mentioned above, mainstream social media platforms are not my jam, but Instagram provides an easy and accessible way for me to share poetry, animation projects and new releases.

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This is a new endeavor with much more to come, for now the episodes are trickling in and live for your listening pleasure Use the link below to check out the Dirty Spirituality Podcast!


If you'd like to organize a poetry reading in your area, or just give me a shout, this is the form for you!

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